Is the foremost corn wet milling company in the Philippines. Its products include cornstarch, corn gluten feed, corn gluten meal and corn germ. It has been in the business since 1971 and has steadily grown to become the industry leader today. The head office and manufacturing facility is located at the Lamsan Industrial Complex in the Municipality of Sultan Kudarat, Province of Maguindanao. It also has an office in Metro Manila.

Lamsan's products are reputed to be the best in the country by constantly and consistently conforming to international standards. Cornstarch, the main product, enjoys a wide application in the food industry such as in the manufacture of noodles, candies, marshmallows, processed food, alcohol and also in non-food industries like plastic, paper and packaging materials.

The by-products, on the other hand, are commonly used in the animal feed and pet food industry as well as in the corn oil industry.



LAMSAN, Inc., formerly known as Lamsan Trading, Inc., was incorporated way back in December 1965. The company was so named because in Chinese, it means "Southern Mountain." The company's manufacturing facility is situated in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, which is in the Southern Philippines. The business back then was purely trading of agricultural products such as corn, rice and copra.

In 1969, Mr. Robert Lu thought of venturing into the corn wet milling business. And so, with the invaluable help of his brothers, the Lamsan cornstarch factory was put up and started operations in 1971. Although immediately faced with enormous difficulties during the martial law years due to the dramatic peso devaluation, business steadily improved such that it warranted a capacity expansion in the early '90s. The expansion, which was completed in 1994, doubled the annual production capacity.

At the turn of the millennium, blindsided by the sudden influx of imported cornstarch and caught in the shifting sands of a fast changing marketplace, Lamsan yet again faced great challenges.

Recognizing the peril of inaction, Lamsan took the introspective approach. First, looking no further than to its core belief that the success of an organization lies within itself, organizational development programs were quickly instituted. Second, a fundamentally different business strategy was then employed.

In 2006, the company formally changed its corporate name to Lamsan, Inc., marking the start of a new and progressive company. Also in 2006, new plant improvements and facilities were put in place as well as the commencement of the drive to establish a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001 standards.

In 2008, Lamsan embarked on another plant capacity expansion that boosted production capacity by fifty per cent. Coupled with that is a co-generation plant that will provide both steam and power to the factory. These were completed by the first quarter of 2011.

In August 2009, Lamsan's QMS was certified as conforming to ISO 9001:2008 standards by Certification International Philippines (CIP).

In 2011, yet another capacity expansion was put in motion. This time, capacity will be increased by another 60%. This expansion was completed by end of 2013.

Currently, Lamsan is embarking on another capacity expansion program which will see its production capabilities increased by 100%. This project is due for completion by end of 2016.




We are the leading manufacturer of quality cornstarch and related products for the country's food and feed manufacturers.

- We stand by our commitments.

To satisfy our customer's need and expectations;
To develop in our people a passion for continuous improvement, quality, excellence and teamwork; and
To create added value for our stakeholders.


• We believe in EXCELLENCE – in striving to achieve the best performance in all aspects of our work.
• We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY – in honoring our obligations, expectations, and requirements; in having the willingness to take responsibility for our actions and owning up for our mistakes.
• We believe in TEAMWORK – in being united and having a spirit of cooperative relationship.
• We believe in HONESTY – in being truthful in our work, and in accepting one's mistakes and responsibilities
• We believe in CUSTOMER-FOCUS – in understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, and ensuring that these are met to their satisfaction.
• We value RESPECT – respect for the people, law and the environment.


It has spearheaded the utilization of proper treatment of waste water to produce biogas for power generation and the use of alternative and environment-friendly fuel resources to run its boiler operation for steam generation. Even before the advent of environment protection laws in the country, Lamsan's thrust has always been the development and use of environment-friendly production processes.


The company continues to grow as a responsible corporate entity and is now considered the leader in its industry. The company has been consistent in maintaining competitive prices and in continuously improving product quality and manufacturing processes.


The company also aims to be a key player in the development of the region by utilizing the produce of the local farmers and giving employment to the population.